Expectation vs. Reality: Fictional Vehicles Brought to Life

Some people dream, while others do. Some see a badass vehicle on a show and think “Well, that would be cool to own,” while others simply get building. Sometimes these brave souls are right on the money and other times it’s just plain sad. You can see how some of these fictional vehicles were brought to life and judge for yourself whether the original was given any justice:

  1. Batman Arkham Knight’s Batmobile – You’ve probably wanted a batmobile at one point in your life. Don’t deny it now; everyone wanted one. Well, Caresto, a Swedish company specializing in automotive design and development, just made everyone’s wildest dreams come true, and, boy, did they do it well! If you want more details, just head on over here.
  1. Jurassic Park Jeep – Made by a devoted Jurassic Park fan using a ’92 Jeep Wrangler and modded with Sahara package parts, making this a spot-on replica of the one in the movie. However, instead of using the numbers seen in the movie—Jeep 12, 18, and 29—he opted to go for Jeep 10.
  1. Akira Bike – It took 7 years and $120,000 to bring this Neo-Tokyo motorcycle to life, and it is the only replica that has the official blessing of the manga’s creator Katsuhiro Otomo.
  1. The Flintstone’s “Car”– Cue in the nostalgia as this replica brings you back to the good ol’ times. While it isn’t the most aesthetically appealing or technologically advanced replica ever made, that doesn’t mean it’s not good.
  1. Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine – Okay, this might be cheating a bit since all you need to replicate the mystery machine is a van and a really good paint job. Nonetheless, a replica is a replica, so here’s one of Scooby’s mobile companion.

Now, if you had the money and resources to bring any fictional vehicle to life, what would it be?

Author: JC Whitney

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