How to Add Space in Your Truck Bed Using Plywood

One common complaint amongst pickup truck owners is that there’s almost always never enough space in the back. And while there are storage solutions available to expand the space in the truck bed, they often cost a lot and are not compatible with all pickup models. However, you don’t need a fancy new jig to add more room to your ride, as this do-it-yourself video from Wilker Do’s shows:

April Wilkerson of the Youtube channel and DIY website Wilker Do’s bought an old truck with a bed that’s seen better days. To fix this, she decided to install plywood racks with steel framing on the side of the bed that extends from one side to the other. This enabled the truck to carry an entire plywood’s length of additional cargo as well as store tools and other items underneath it.

Granted, you do need a welding machine some flat bars, an angle iron, steel tubing, paracords, and a bit of of welding experience, but the process is pretty straighforward and doesn’t require expensive tools aside from the welder. The racks can also be installed and removed by one person and are secured in place with pins that bolt the rack to the truck bed.

For more info regarding this video as well as additional DIY projects, you can visit the tutorial page on their website.

Author: JC Whitney

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