Top 10 Most Resold Cars of 2016

Whether it’s a pre-loved beater or a brand new roadster, you’ll never forget your first car. But the memories may not always be kind because some cars tend to be resold more than others. In a recent report by auto research firm ISeeCars, around 1.5% of buyers resell their cars within a year of purchase, although certain models see more than twice that rate. Among the top 10 include:


  1. Subaru WRX (3.3%)


 While Subaru WRX remains a popular choice for import and rally fans, many first-time owners find the rally-type handling of this performance hatchback a little too rough than expected. This has led to it having twice the average one-year resale and measly discount for its class at just 6.2 percent.


  1. Chrysler 200 (3.8%)


In contrast, the Chrysler 200 midsize sedan offers one of the largest discount rates at 29.9 percent. So don’t be surprised to see a 200 at a used car lot going for less than $18,000. Critics have attributed this to the 200’s tepid design and performance as well as rumors of being phased out, but if you are looking for bargain the 200 is the way to go.


  1. Mercedes E-Class (3.9%)


With a resale rate of nearly 4 percent, the E-Class also sees a lot of used purchases from young drivers. You can get one now as low as $52k.


  1. BMW 4 Series (3.9%)


Tying with its fellow German brethren, a lot of 4 Series compacts change hands within the year. Its loud 2.0-liter diesel engine may have turned off more conservative drivers, while the basic models tend to be disappointing especially when compared to its higher spec counterparts.


  1. BMW X3 (3.9%)


Another BMW model in the list, the X3 is also most resold SUVs within a year. It also has one of the smallest resale discounts, with new units averaging at $50,000 while used ones at around $43,700.


  1. Dodge Dart (3.9%)


The Dart offers a sizable average discount of 27.4 percent. This means that, at an average price of $20,649 for new models, you can get a Dart for less than $15k.


  1. Nissan Versa Note (4.0%)


The first and only Japanese model on the list, many car owners swap their entry-level Nissan Versa Note hatchback for flashier, more powerful vehicles. Its sedan variant doesn’t fare as well either with a resale. The upside of this is that the Versa Note is a bargain compared to its western counterparts, as you can pick up a used Note for a discount of 20.2 percent.


  1. Mercedes-Benz C-Class (6.1%)


Even Mercedes’ C-Class luxury line has also taken a beating at the market, with 1 out of 20 C-Class owners reselling their sedans within a year of purchase. New models average at $49k while used ones can go less than $39k.


  1. BMW 5 Series (7.5%)


It is one of the more well-rounded vehicles in terms of looks, comfort, and performance for its class, so it certainly surprised us to see the 5 Series so high in the list. Its resale price averages $50k, which is 18.2 percent less than its average new price of $61k.


  1. BMW 3 Series (8.0%)


Reselling at more than four times the rate the average, the 5 Series line of executive cars certainly tops the list. It may partly be attributed to its age; while it remains one of the better luxury car lines in the market, it doesn’t offer the same excitement as its newer counterparts.

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