12 Great Hacks for Your Car that Will Make Your Life Easier

The recent hack of an SUV by researchers through the Internet has put the vulnerability of modern automobiles from cyberattacks into question, but not all “hacks” are bad. In fact, there are a lot of car hacks that – although unrelated to your car’s computer system – that can make your vehicle look or function better.

Here are some great car hacks you can use right now:




Source: Wikihow

  1. Cool a hot car in seconds

A hot summer day can turn the car interior into an oven. But if you’re in a hurry, you can cut down the heat inside your car to bearable levels by rolling down one window all the way and then opening and closing a door on the opposite side a few times. This will cause hot air to escape through the open door while cool air enters through the window on the other side.


Source: lil’ luna

  1. Paint cracks in the windshield with nail polish

Is there a hairline crack on your windshield? Paint over the crack with nail polish on both sides of the glass. This will keep the crack from growing while you drive your car back to the repair shop.



Source: CS Monitor

  1. Parking in an unfamiliar area?

Drop a pin on your phone’s map as soon as you step out of your car. You can use it as reference later on.


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  1. Turn a rubber band into a makeshift holder for your smartphone

Loop a rubber band the A/C vent and slide your phone in.


Source: Pinterest

  1. For long trips with kids, hang a shoe or shower organizer on the back seat

This will give you easy access to board games, wet wipes, water bottles, and other items to keep you and your kids happy and comfortable during the trip.


Source: Discovery.com

  1. Use cooking spray to keep car doors from freezing shut

Anybody who’s lived in Montana, Alaska, Wyoming and other states with harsh winters know how frustrating it can be to open a frozen car door. Thankfully, you can use ordinary cooking spray to prevent this from happening. Simply spray the rubber gaskets on the inside of your door and gently wipe with a paper towel. This should prevent water from freezing on the gaskets and freeze the door shut.


Source: Wikihow

  1. De-ice a car door lock with hand sanitizer

Freezing winter conditions will also lead to car door locks being uncooperative. In most cases, this usually occurs due to moisture inside the lock freezing overnight. To fix this, spray or squirt alcohol-based sanitizer inside the door lock. The alcohol in the sanitizer will quickly break down ice particles and allow you to unlock the door with ease.


Source: Complex

  1. Use a mesh bungee as a coat hanger

Simply strap on the mesh bungee on the grab-handles at the rear of your car and you’re set. The bungee cords are flexible enough not to snap or buckle when driving through uneven terrain, and are easy to remove.


Source: Pinterest

  1. Get your seat heaters to keep the pizza warm

You can also use this for other types of food packaging provided that it has a flat stable base. If your car doesn’t come with seat warmers, you can still utilize the foot heater and place your food on the passenger floorboard. Just make sure the floor is clean though.



Source: Lifehack

  1. Restore hazy headlights with toothpaste

Did you know that the same chemicals in toothpaste that keeps your teeth shiny will also do the same to headlights? Simply rub the headlight with toothpaste using a soft cloth and it will look brand new.


Source: Gatton Star

  1. Peel off old registration stickers with wet newspaper

Getting old registration stickers off the windshield can be a pain, but you can make it easier by soaking it in wet newspaper. The water will seep through the sticker, enabling you to pull it with just a simple tug.



Source: Blogspot

  1. Keep the car doors from banging the garage wall with a pool noodle

Cut the tube in half and either glue, nail, or bolt the tube at a height where the door meets the wall. This should dents and scratches on the wall and car door to a minimum.

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