2009 Honda Pilot Oil Change By JC Whitney Staff



With over 120,000 miles on the clock this Honda Pilot has seen thousands of miles of school drop-offs and pick-ups, countless Girl Scout field trips, family vacations and work round trips.

After crossing the 100,000 mile mark the Pilot never looked back and has continued to serve its family well. One of the reasons for its flawless service has been regular maintenance with quality parts and consistent oil changes with FRAM filters and Valvoline oil.

It doesn’t take much these days to keep a modern SUV running well; and with a modern array of systems and sensors, much of the “health records” of the vehicle are stored away in its ECU. The Pilot has a wear sensor for engine oil that tracks the percentage of life left before its time for a change, rather than the traditional mileage based system. Keeping track of the oil life percentage is an easy way to keep track of the quality of the engine oil system and this Pilot gets regular 5,000 mile oil changes regardless of the oil life reading.

With over 75 years and millions of filters installed, FRAM has become the leader for DIY’ers around the world and JC Whitney has sold many FRAM oil, air and cabin filters in its 101 Years. With the introduction of the FRAM Extra Guard oil filter, FRAM has developed a filter that’s easier to install with its Sure Grip coating on the exterior and 95% filtration efficiency on the inside.


With the Pilot secure on jack stands the crank case is drained and the old oil will be taken to a local collection center to be recycled. With the old filter removed and drained it’s time to re-install the drain plug , spin on a new FRAM Extra Guard filter and fill the engine with five quarts of fresh Valvoline.



With the new FRAM filter and a full crankcase of fresh oil, this Pilot is ready for another 5,000 more miles and trips to the mall, work, grocery store or school.

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Author: JC Whitney

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