6 Car Detailing Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Car detailing may seem like a simple task that anyone with the right tools can do. However, this DIY job is more than just scrubbing and buffing products onto your ride. Did you know that there’s actually a proper way of cleaning and polishing your priced possession? In fact, if you don’t do this task correctly, you may end up damaging your vehicle’s paint. To help you take care of your ride without incurring any costly damage, we rounded up some of the most common car detailing mistakes that you should avoid. Check them out:

1. Using too much wax.

Applying too much wax on your car won’t make it shine like a diamond. The excess wax will only be wiped off once you start buffing your vehicle’s surface, so save yourself time, effort, and money by skipping this useless detailing habit. Two rounds of thorough waxing is usually enough to bring back the your ride’s luster.

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2. Removing stuck dirt using dry cloth.

Forgot to clean a spot of dirt over your vehicle’s surface? Don’t make the mistake of scrubbing it off using a dry cloth! Doing this only rubs dirt onto the paint and causes its surface to get scratched.

3. Applying products right on the car’s surface.

Pouring wax, polishing compound, or other liquid chemicals directly on your car’s surface not only prevents you from controlling the amount of product that you’ll use but also causes uneven streaks on the paint. Put a sufficient amount of product on a sponge or a soft towel instead.

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4. Washing the wheels last.

The wheels and tires are the dirtiest parts of your vehicle. You may end up splattering dirt and mud on the clean body panels of your ride if you wash the wheels last.

5. Using the wrong type of cleaning agent.

Dishwashing liquids and laundry detergents are some of the most common alternative to car shampoo. They’re definitely effective when it comes to getting rid of dirt and grime. However, you have to keep in mind that these products contain harsh chemicals that can remove the wax and sealer on your vehicle’s surface, leaving its paint vulnerable to harsh elements.

Source: Autobytel

6. Washing your ride under direct sunlight.

It’s extremely tempting to wash your vehicle under the sun because it allows you to clearly see every nook and cranny that needs to be cleaned. However, doing this only makes car washing a lot harder than it should be since it causes the water and car shampoo to dry off quicker, resulting in streaks and water spots all over your ride’s surface.

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