DiabloSport Trinity 2 vs. Predator 2 vs. inTune i3

The Trinity 2, DiabloSport’s latest performance programmer, drummed up a lot of buzz during its unveiling at SEMA and has sparked rave reviews since it started shipping in the new year. But how does the Trinity 2 stack up against DiabloSport’s other programmers?

Predator 2 (P2) and Predator 2 Pro

Over a decade after the original Predator’s release, the Predator 2’s hit the market with a sleek, more compact case, full color screen controlled by niftier buttons and an upgraded user interface. The P2 offers gear, tire size and shifting adjustability, DTC reading/clearing, OBD-II data logging and pre-loaded settings for greater fuel economy and horsepower. For custom tuning only, the latest DiabloSport Predator update—the Predator 2 Pro—is designed to hold up to 4 custom tunes that you can get from one of DiabloSport’s CMR tuning dealers. With a starting MSRP of $366.95, the Predator 2 is DiabloSport’s most cost-effective option, so if you’re on a budget and looking for a simple, handheld tuner, this one’s for you.

inTune i3 and Platinum i3

The inTune i3 is DiabloSport’s next step up with a 2.8” full color touch screen, faster read/write times and more dyno-tested tunes for optimized throttle response, horsepower, torque and more. The DiabloSport inTune update features 50-state legal tuning, an “easy tune” mode that guides you through yes or no questions for installing basic tunes, and the option to purchase additional vehicle licenses so you can tune multiple vehicles with just one device. The Platinum i3 includes pre-loaded performance tunes and is CMR-capable so a CMR tuning dealer can give you DiabloSport tuning tips and build custom tunes for your ride. Offered at a starting MSRP of $421.95, you get more bang for more bucks with the i3.

Trinity 2 (T2) MX, EX and Platinum

With a high-res, 5” color capacitive touch screen, swipe navigation and bold, customizable interface, the Trinity 2 comes in 3 versions—the T2 MX (performance monitor only), T2 EX (programmer with 50-state legal tuning) and T2 Platinum (CMR-capable programmer). The T2 MX boasts an assortment of custom backgrounds, improved data logging, performance tests and more monitoring capabilities than any other digital gauge display on the market. The T2 EX offers lightning-quick reading/writing, a wide range of 50-state-legal tuning options for daily driving, towing, performance, etc. and boosts of up to 250 TQ/100 HP for diesels or 90 TQ/90 HP for gas applications. The T2 EX also includes speedometer correction, rev limiter adjustment and multiple vehicle license options, while the T2 Platinum allows you to load DiabloSport Trinity custom tunes from DiabloSport’s national network of CMR tuning dealers for state-of-the-art tuning on the fly. With starting MSRPs of $477.95 for the T2 MX and $666.95 for the T2 EX, this series doesn’t come cheap. But if you’ve been looking for the latest and greatest in performance programming technology, the Trinity 2 has proven itself to be well worth the wait and investment.

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