Don’t Like Things with Wings? Drop Wipes Are Your New Friend

Don’t you just love it when you’ve just shelled out $25 to get your car detailed and five minutes later a stupid bird lets one loose and leaves your car covered in bird poop? Makes you wish you had a pellet gun handy, right? Well, here’s something a little safer and easier to fit in the glovebox.

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Introducing Drop Wipes… handy little cleansing wipes that get rid of not only bird poop, but ugly water spots and bug guts, too! All of these things damage paint when left to bake on there for too long, and all these things bug us when we look at our car, but we’re in a rush, don’t have anything in the garage to take care of it or maybe you just think you’ll wait a few days because you sure as you-know-what don’t want to run back to the car wash. But by then, too late. You’re gonna have some sort of residue or paint damage. ‘Cuz that’s what bird poop on car parts does – ruins them.

But not anymore! For a few bucks you can have a stash of these puppies on hand to take care of business. Drop Wipes are soaked with a magical natural formula that neutralizes that lovely uric acid in bird droppings. It’s a streak-free formula, but of course if your car’s in the midday sun and your paint’s black, you may get a few streaks – which, we’re delighted to tell you, will wipe right away with the ultra soft bamboo cloth that’s included (or you can use any soft cloth you like). For reals. So no excuses… now you can get that poop off the roof stat with Drop Wipes.

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