First to Market: TeraFlex Falcon Shocks for Jeeps and Trucks

The folks over at TeraFlex have had a longstanding tradition of being the first to market with the most innovative suspension technologies for Jeeps, and now they’ve done it again with their revolutionary line of TeraFlex Falcon Shocks. These high performance shocks are specifically designed and fine-tuned for the JK Wrangler/JKU Wrangler Unlimited and feature an impressive suite of the most advanced technologies to transform your Jeep’s handling and ensure maximum stability both on- and off-road. We’ll get into those features for the latest in the Falcon family—namely the Falcon Series 3 piggyback shocks and the Falcon Series 3.4 remote air adjust systems, plus the all-new Falcon Sport and Falcon Sport Tow/Haul series for trucks—but first, let’s indulge in some gratifying footage of the TeraFlex Jeep and Falcon shocks in action:


Built with a sleek 6061-T6 aluminum alloy body and put through a 1,000-hour salt spray test, the shocks combat corrosion like it’s no one’s business. The front shocks feature an exclusive piggyback design and horizontally positioned reservoir to offer greater ground clearance for beefier tires, while the rear shocks’ body and reservoir are positioned on the bottom to prevent shaft damage, giving your rig the freedom to bounce across the roughest terrain. The piggyback design provides more oil and gas charge capacity than monotube and twin-tube shocks and—along with these systems’ fixed-rate damping—yields an ultra-smooth on-road ride while expanding your Jeep’s extreme off-road performance capabilities.


Along with everything the Falcon Series 3 offers—including the neat piggyback design and fixed-rate damping—the Falcon Series 3.4 remote air adjust piggyback shock absorber systems feature a nifty 2-position remote air adjust switch that allows you to toggle between soft and firm damping settings from the comfort of your cab. Standard velocity-sensitive shocks tend to react quickly at low speeds and firm up at fast speeds, creating a head-jolting ride. With the Falcon Series 3.4, just hit the switch for cruising or rough-riding, and you’ll feel the difference instantly.


Been jonesing for a TeraFlex suspension for your truck? The wait is over. Hot off the assembly line, TeraFlex has just released their Falcon Sport and Falcon Sport Tow/Haul shock absorber systems especially for the Ford F150 (2015+), the RAM 1500 (2009+), the Chevy Silverado/Sierra 1500 (2014+) and the Toyota Tacoma (2016+). These systems feature unique Volume Optimized Damping (VOD) with a digressive linear valve that enhances control and vehicle feedback during low-speed driving and reduces bottoming out at faster speeds, as well as Zone Rate Tuning (ZRT) which modifies stock linear-rate spring tuning to create 3 performance zones—Extension, Drive and Compression—with a dramatic spring curve in order to adapt to a wide range of driving conditions.

Use your rig on the job? The Falcon Sport Tow/Haul shock absorber systems allow you to switch between daily driving and work modes for towing and hauling in a snap. These systems include monotube front shocks and adjustable piggyback rear shocks that are equipped with a 3-position Fast Adjust Knob so you can easily select between Comfort & Control, Moderate Tow/Haul and Heavy Tow/Haul settings.

So how much does a TeraFlex Falcon shock replacement cost? Which series works best for your ride and needs? Shop our selection and use our handy comparison tool here.

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