FRAM Air Filter Install-2009 Honda Pilot by JC Whitney Staff


In the latest installment of our FRAM filter trifecta we tackle another critical Saturday morning project that any DIY’er can tackle with confidence knowing that a fresh FRAM Extra Guard air filter will help your engine breathe easier and more efficiently. Your engine needs clean air to mix with fuel and feed the cylinders to produce the lovely internal combustion that get us from home to work and soccer practice. Modern engines are squeezing more power and mileage from smaller, higher combustion engines via forced induction or naturally aspirated. With a clean, high flow filter your engine can consume air without worry of ingesting dirt, grit, bugs, etc. The FRAM Extra Guard filter offers double the protection of a standard FRAM filter for more flow, more power and better fuel economy in addition to enhanced protection for your engine.


Replacing your air filter is a simple affair; in this case of our subject Honda Pilot we can see the air intake above the driver side headlight and leading into the airbox near the battery. Accessing the airbox is straight forward, with four bolts securing the lid onto the airbox. Just remove the bolts and lift up the lid to remove the old filter and slide the new filter in place. If necessary loosen the clamp holding the air flow sensor for more room. Take a look inside the airbox and remove any debris that has been trapped.



With the airbox cleaned, the new FRAM Extra Guard air filter in place and the airbox lid and sensor clamp secured you are ready to brag to your friends and family how you just saved a bunch of money and prolonged the life of your vehicle! FRAM engineers recommend replacing your air filter every 12,000 miles so make a note in your maintenance file today.



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