FRAM Cabin Filter Install-2009 Honda Pilot by JC Whitney Staff


Hello DIY’ers and those looking to keep their vehicle running and smelling like new. An old, clogged cabin filter can make your blower motor work harder to circulate air in your passenger compartment and reduce the efficiency of your vent, heater, air conditioner and defroster systems. With a little patience you can tackle this easy project and make your car, truck or SUV a better place to be this winter while saving some money at the same time.


Most model year 2000 and newer vehicles have a cabin filter integrated with the HVAC system to capture contaminants from the air flowing through the heater, aircon, defrost and vent system. Replacing the cabin filter is a simple job that typically requires minimal or no hand tools and just a few minutes to complete. Many dealers and shops will charge over $75 dollars to replace this filter; while virtually any car owner can do this task at home in 10 minutes or less in just a few steps.


First, identify where the cabin filter is located; typical locations are under the hood near the firewall or in the case of our Honda, behind the glove box.

Second, determine how to access the filter; the filter is usually located in a housing or frame that is in the air stream and near the blower motor or fan assembly. Our Honda has a “drawer” where the filter resides and is secured with two tabs, much like a furnace filter. We chose their FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin filter infused with Arm & Hammer baking soda and activated carbon for a long lasting fresh scent in our Pilot with over 120,000 miles on the clock.


Once you have located the cabin filter and how to remove it from its housing you are ready to replace the old filter and install the new FRAM filter. Make sure and observe the direction of air flow and match the direction with the arrow on the FRAM filter. If you get stuck along the way, FRAM includes application specific instructions that are very helpful and they have how-to videos available at


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