Get Exactly the Right Mat — Husky Liners X-Act Contour Floor Liners

How many nights have you spent online trying to find the best floor liners for the money, your particular vehicle or your tastes and needs? If you’re like many of us enthusiasts – too many. Let’s make it easy. If you’re a tough guy, have a job that entails dirt and grime or heck, have a family, these bad boys are for you. Husky Liners X-act Contour floor liners literally have everything you could want to fit your lifestyle, plus a few more bonuses. Like keeping your car, truck or SUV looking great for years to come and/or retaining your resale value…

Let’s let the dog do the talking here…

So, how on earth do they fit so perfectly? Apparently Husky cares about their community and hires so-called ‘nerds’ that are into lasers and computers and stuff and they’ve all got serious diagnoses of OCD. So you get mats that are ‘exactly contoured’ to fit your vehicle.

This is like a serious game of laser tag…

How do I get them to zap my kids so they don’t ruin my shiny new liners?Although that may be a tall order, rest assured that no matter what they throw or drop on these puppies, it will be corralled in the channels, grooves and raised edges. Grab ‘em and hose them off with nary a stain to be detected. Check out this video for proof:

What about those cheap mats that slide around and get curled edges from being crammed around the gas pedal or what have you? Does that happen to these too eventually? Nope, ain’thappenin’ with Husky Liners. The StayPut Cleats dig into your floorboard compound so they do just that – stay put and look purty.

Sorta sounds like these indestructible liners must be made of kryptonite, right? You’ll be surprised at how soft and flexible they are actually, thanks to their patented DuraGrip compound. It really makes them nice and easy to grab, rinse and repeat when necessary.Installing Husky floor mats really involves just pulling them out of the box and plopping them in your ride since they’re perfectly – or “x-actly” laser cut for your specific vehicle year, make and model. Bonus – there’s a crazy Husky Liners warranty that ensures that should something irreparable happen, they’ve got your back.Guaranteed for life.

Says happy customer ‘garbett33:’

Where are Husky Liners made anyway? OK, channel Bruce Springsteen for a minute. “Born in the USA, I was, born in the USA!” Husky is very proud of this commitment, and our country.

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