How to Change a Brake Light?

No need for a mechanic because you can easily change a brake light. Source: YourMechanic

As a car owner, it is important to know how to install a brake light. Brake lights eventually burn out after years of driving, increasing the risk of a fender bender on the road. If you’ve been planning to replace your brake lights yourself, our simple guide on how to change a brake light should get you covered.

First, identify which type of light bulb is suitable for your car. Your owner’s manual should have the list of proper bulbs for your vehicle. You may visit JC Whitney for light bulbs:

STEP 1: Determine where to access to the brake lights

Open the trunk to locate the screws of the tail light assembly. Most cars have the screws on the inside or under the edge of the carpet but older cars have the screws outside of the car.

STEP 2: Remove the screws using a screwdriver.

Remove the screws attached to the tail light assembly.

STEP 3: Take off the tail light assembly.

Carefully remove the tail light assembly.

STEP 4: Locate the brake light socket.

Once you’ve identified where the brake light socket is located, remove it by simply sliding it up. Have someone step on the brake pedal or turn your hazard lights on if you are unsure which one is the socket.

STEP 5: Locate the burnt light bulb and remove it.

Light bulb sockets have release tabs. Carefully twist the bulb socket to pop it out. In some vehicles, light bulbs can be simply pulled out. Make sure that the lights are off and cool to touch before removing them, and that the electrical contact is not burned.

STEP 6: Apply dielectric grease to the brake light socket.

Apply a small portion of dielectric grease to the socket for lubrication and sealing without arcing.

STEP 7: Install the new brake light bulb

Insert the new bulb into the brake light socket and twist it back into the tail light assembly. Attach and screw back the tail light assembly to the body.

Test the light to ensure that it is properly installed. However, if your brake lights are not working but the bulb is good or your brake light stays on, your car might have a bad socket or bad brake light switch.

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