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If there’s an image of America that’s endured, it’s the dream of a fast car, an open road and the endless horizon. Sadly, this dream has often suffered from boilovers, corroded radiators and drivers stranded on the side of the road.

It’s fitting that American ingenuity also solved these problems when engineers John Evans and Tom Light decided to formulate a better coolant that would avoid overheating, prevent corrosion and reduce pressure caused by water in the cooling system.

The storied Lime Rock Park race track, the back yard of their lab in Connecticut, became the proving ground for their new formula as they pioneered a whole new idea in engine coolant, the first breakthrough in 100 years.

With these revolutionary ideas on the table, they eliminated the water and switched from the ethylene glycol used in traditional antifreeze to propylene glycol. They tested blends of glycols and blends of additives. Each version went through real life stress tests on the track.

They perfected a formula without water, with a much higher boiling point to avoid overheating, that provided the optimum viscosity while inhibiting corrosion and electrolysis. First called NPG (for Non-aqueous Propylene Glycol), the product formulations evolved and was eventually re-named as Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant. The company, Evans Cooling Systems, refocused their business plan on commercializing this revolutionary new product.

The world of Powersports has also embraced waterless coolant a with Evans developing formulas specifically for dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles.

Although Evans coolant features a boiling point of 375°F, its operating temperature is always much lower, preventing boil-overs under conditions that can cause water-based coolants to fail. By avoiding water in the coolant, Evans protects against insulating pockets of water vapor, as well as against water-caused corrosion and cavitation erosion. By ending boilovers, Evans coolants provide a reserve cooling capacity for any liquid cooling system.

Today, Evans Waterless Coolant is manufactured at a blending facility in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and Hayward, California; Evans is now available across North America, Asia, Australia South America and Europe.

Evans is committed to seeking further improvements with continued research and development. Evans Cooling Systems has four issued and current U.S. patents for engine coolants as well as additional U.S. patents pending. The unique formula has also been approved as the industry standard for waterless coolant by the international standards organization, ASTM.

For these reasons, Evans Waterless Coolant has become a staple in automotive museums nationwide. Car collectors of everything from classic American muscle cars with big block engines to historic specimens look to Evans to keep original cooling system parts preserved and performing at museum-quality levels.

Evans Waterless Coolant is proud of its American roots and its role protecting the dream of the open road. To see all of the Evans Waterless Coolants available on JC Whitney please visit:

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