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By Rob Alen
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Rituals and Debriefs – Monza to Singapore (Ep. 1/7)

For one week only, we’re taking you behind-the-scenes at Silver Arrows HQ for an exclusive, access-all-areas insight into how the team deals with the hectic turnaround between races!

Formula One.
With the Formula One season over, it is interesting to look at the organization of a F1 team. “Organization” is as important as the “car” and “driver.” It should inspire any business executive.

//Mercedes produced a series of videos “Monza to Singapore,” the week turnaround from Europe to Asian races, showing the size and depth of a F1 team. The people, logistics, cost is mind-boggling for 2-cars in a 90-minute race.

Hanging out in Monaco.
//Recently was in Monaco. The Principality was quiet and homey. Festive with Holiday lights and decorations. The swimming pool has been converted to a skating rink.

//The motorsports sculptures (William “Grover” Williams@St.Devote, Fangio@Anthony Noghes, F1 car@Portier) were open and not shrouded by grandstand scaffolding.

//If you come to the Historique or GP, ride the #6 bus to Fontvielle or Larvatto to see how narrow the streets are; if you don’t stay in Monaco, consider east of Monaco, trains aren’t as crowded as those going to Nice; and don’t forget Ventimiglia, Italy, where the French go to eat (consider Marco Polo restaurant, a short walk from the station).

All the best for the Holidays.
Rob Alen

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