Motor Spirit in May: Indy, Monaco, Mille Miglia

By Rob Alen
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Monaco Grand Prix Preview

Motorspirit looks at Monaco before the Grand Prix race, edited from previous video visits.

Mille Miglia Storica cars gather in the morning to leave Parma, heading back to Brescia.

Monaco markets are open during the Historiques; you get the charm of Monaco and classic racing for a holiday-like weekend.


Hope all is well…May is a big month for motorsports and motoring.

//Indy 500, Grand Prix of Monaco, Grand Prix of Monaco Historiques, Mille Miglia Storica and Villa d’Este.

//The Monaco Historiques is an every other year affair. Almost Proustian in remembering things past. Report to come.

//Mille Miglia Storica has become four days instead of the traditional three.

//Grand Prix of Monaco is this weekend. Preview video is edit of prior visits.


All the best.

Rob Alen

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