Motorspirit in Monaco 2017

By Rob Alen
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Monaco GP Stories

Motorspirit is in Monaco for the 2017 Grand Prix. Re-edit of previous 2015 and 2016 videos.

Big Weekend in Motorsports: Monaco Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500.

Hidden under the Monaco GP seats and scaffolding (see photos):

–Fangio and Mercedes-Benz W196 memorial sculpture by the final corner: there are copies around world in

Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Italy.

–William Grover-Williams and his Bugatti 35 at the first turn, hiding near St. Devote. He was first Monaco winner (1929) and a WWII spy.

Red Bull wins the Corporate Hospitality Award; floating in a building complex (that includes a pool) on a barge.

If you come to the grand prix, other than staying in Monaco, consider hotels to the east toward Italy; post-race trains are not as crowded as those heading toward Nice.

With the Cannes Film Festival going on nearby, Monaco is still the glamour/bucket list race of the F1 season, but with Fernando Alonso at Indy this year, it should make for a good weekend of racing.

All the best.

Rob Alen

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