Motorspirit: Museo Alfa Romeo/Model T

By Rob Alen
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Motorspirit in Milan to visit the Alfa Romeo Museum; racing cars, production cars, and concept cars.

//The Alfa Romeo museum is just outside central Milan. Anyone who has been in Alfa love should go.

//Milan notes if you go:

-Apertivo/Dinner: Corsia del Giardino (via Manzoni, 16); it is tucked away off bustling via Manzoni, contemporary Milano-stylish.

-Consider Preattoni (via della Spiga, 52) for “gentlemanly” grooming accessories. Since 1902.

-Restaurants/young life: Alzaia Naviglo Grande area, near Porta Genova train station.

//This is a good time for a road trip. There are famous road trip movies and books, but no account

is like E.B. White’s essay “Farewell to Model T” (1936) and “From Sea to Shining Sea” (1953).

–“Springtime in the heyday of the Model T was a delirious season.”

–“Youth will always recognize its frontier and push beyond it by whatever means are at hand. I’ve always been glad…

mine was a two-track road running across the prairie into the sinking sun.”

//A Pulitzer-prize winning “New Yorker” writer, his rapport between man and T was special. The Model T

was the iPhone of its time, and the Sears Roebuck catalog Amazon. Nothing really is new.

//”Model T” is Google-able, thru (May 16, 1936 issue)

All the best.

Rob Alen

Milan newsstand; 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Lungo/Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Berlinetta

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