Motorspirit: What does it take to win?

By Rob Alen
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To win/

The motorspirit take on what it takes to win. What’s that something within the driver.

Famous #5 Racing Cars/themotorspirit

Motorspirit is picking the right number for your race car. That number is 5.

What’s within the racing driver to win? There are many books on race car driving, you just might be interested in a few:

–The Technique of Motor Racing by Piero Taruffi (1958). Almost quaint in its advice, but scientific in how to handle a car at speed.

–The Racing Driver: the theory and practice of fast driving by Denis Jenkinson (1958). Moss’ co-driver in winning the 1955 Mille Miglia. Made famous “tenths” and “tiger” (“essential for a successful Grand Prix driver.”)

–The Devil Behind Them by John Bentley (1958). Profiles nine drivers, like Achille Varzi (1904-1948): “probably the most polished exponent of race cornering ever to get behind the wheel of a
Grand Prix car.”

–The Core: better life, better performance by Aki Hintsa and Oskari Saari (2015). Hintsa was McLaren F1 team MD and more to Mika Hakkinen, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton; and Sebastian Vettel. Pioneer in biomechanics, nutrition, sleep recovery; value of self-knowledge to human high performance.

–And after talking to insiders, there is the motor>spirit take, in the attached video.
Finally, with all the preparation, it helps to have the right number on your car, as in the attached video.

All the best.
Rob Alen

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