Spotlight on CSF Radiators: Shipper Survivor Packaging

One of the most common issues with aftermarket radiators is that they can get damaged during the shipping process.

That’s why CSF packages each and every one of their radiators (including both their OE replacement and performance radiator lines) with industry-leading protection, ensuring safe delivery anywhere in the world. Take a glance at our infographic and read on to find out more about CSF’s “shipper survivor” packaging process.

1. Core Protected by Application-Specific Hard Plastic Sheet (Racing/Performance Line)

At the heart of each radiator is the core, which is the most essential component for a radiator’s cooling performance. CSF’s racing/performance radiator cores in particular are built with highly advanced tube and fin technologies designed for optimum airflow, heat dissipation and efficiency. That’s why CSF takes great care in protecting each of their performance radiator cores with an application-specific hard plastic sheet.

2. Plastic-Wrapped (Racing/Performance Line)

Each radiator in CSF’s racing/performance line is then individually wrapped in plastic, providing an extra layer of protection.

3. Application-Specific Foam Packaging (OE Replacement and Racing/Performance Lines)

No peanuts, air bags or one-size-fits-all styrofoam here. All CSF radiators (both OE replacement and racing/performance) are supported by application-specific foam packaging for a perfect fit that prevents your radiator from getting loose and jostled around.

4. 5-Ply, Shock-Resistant Box (OE Replacement and Racing/Performance Lines)

Each CSF radiator is then carefully packed in a premium 5-ply, shock-resistant box to hold up against the rough and tumble that goes on during the shipping and handling process.

5. Box Drop-Tested (OE Replacement and Racing/Performance Lines)

Finally, each box is put through a 10-foot drop test to ensure superior protection against dents and crushing.


While CSF absolutely crushes it (not literally, of course!) with their shipping process, that’s just one of many things that distinguish CSF radiator quality from the competition. Read up on what else does and shop our selection of CSF radiators here.

Have you already bought a CSF OE replacement or performance radiator from us, or are you planning to soon? Please feel free to submit a CSF radiator review or any other feedback on our site. We’d love to hear from you!

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