The Ultimate Checklist For That Perfect Road Trip!

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What’s the most annoying thing that could ever happen in a road trip? Food and drinks spilling all over the interior of your car? How about having a flat tire and leaving your spare tire at home? Worry no more! We have put together the most complete and awesome checklist that will help you get organized for that day! Sit down, relax and take notes!

1. Bring a shower caddy!

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You have to admit, food and drinks spilling in your car are quite inevitable when it comes to road trips, but the hardest part is cleaning the mess afterwards. And we know how stressful that can be!  To limit the mess and for you to enjoy your food more: bring a shower caddy! It’s inexpensive and very useful.  You can also use it as a stuff holder or as a seat divider.

2. Binder clip for your phone!

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Using your phone as a GPS? A binder clip can be used as a stand for your phone for that easy navigating, and you most likely will have one at your home. Easy and affordable!

3. A playlist that will take you from AM to PM.

Before heading down the road, make sure your playlist is ready to go. Good music can always set the tone and make the whole experience more fun and memorable. Belting out loud with your friends to your favorite songs can be a great way to pass the time or just an excuse to go a little bit crazy.

4. Pack an emergency kit!

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Going on a road trip can last for days and you’ll really never know what might happen along the way, that is why you should always be prepared.  Get a small container or a bag ready that can hold the things that you might possibly need during an emergency:  water bottles, extra pair of clothes and shoes, flashlight, matches, blankets, etc.

5. Know how to change your tire!                                                                                                                                                         You might have a spare tire but if you don’t know how to install it, that could be a problem.  Better have this one printed out and keep it safe in your glove box:

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Or better yet download this video and save it in your phone: How To Change Your Tire Alone

6. Fuel your ride!                                                                                                                                                                                                    Another important thing to remember before enjoying the open road is to make sure that you have enough gas! And, if the time comes that you have to refill again, make sure to check out this app  that allows you to find the cheapest gas that’s along your way.

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For more information about apps similar to gas buddy, check out this article: 9 Mobile Apps That Help You Find Cheap Gas.

7. Never lose your car 

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When parking in an unfamiliar place or city, it is best to drop a pin on your map app to easily find your car.

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8. Bring a cereal container  

Don’t know where to throw your trash while on the road? No problem.  Grab a cereal container and put a plastic inside and tadah! you have your own car trash can. You don’t have to worry anymore with unnecessary trash getting trapped in between the seats.

9. Pack some motion sickness medication 

Source: rainbowscuba

Source: rainbowscuba

One of the worst things that could ruin your road trip is motion sickness.  Getting all green and vomiting is not the way you want to remember your trip. That’s why make sure you have a Bonine or Dramamine in your bag.

For more tips to remedy motion sickness see this blog: Easy Motion Sickness Remedies

10. Say goodbye to dead batteries 

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Admit it or not, our gadgets are one essential that we can’t live without.  Who are we kidding, gadgets are there to make our life easy and can also make a whole trip less stressful.  Don’t know the right direction? You can always Google it on your phone.  Want to preserve a beautiful memory? Grab your phone and with just one click you have captured a photo or video that could last a lifetime.  That’s why bringing a two-port USB car charger and powerbank can be a lifesaver for that crucial moment when your battery goes dead.

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