What Does A Control Arm Do?

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There’s a lot to what makes a car a car but having wheels is arguably one of its most distinctive features. See, without wheels, it wouldn’t be much of a vehicle used for transportation, would it? While the wheels do most of the work to make a car live up to its function, which is to travel from Point A to Point B, it wouldn’t be fair to attribute the success to just the wheels—or tires, for that matter. Have you ever wondered what allows them to be there in the first place?

Control arms are critical car components that let the wheels attach to the frame of the car. They provide security and stability for the wheels before the toing, froing, rolling, or swerving happens.

There are two control arms fastening each wheel: the upper and lower control arms. In total, your car is equipped with eight control arms. Comes a valid question: why have two per wheel instead of one? Two words: better control. If travelling on the road meant carrying lightweight load and traversing a very linear path, then one control arm might suffice, but since it’s exactly the opposite, a couple to manage the direction of each wheel is deemed standard. In fact, some cars have even four control arms, depending on whether the vehicle’s suspension system has struts or shocks.

While the control arms ensure the wheels are steadily connected to the car’s frame, they also permit motion. The control arm assembly, which is triangular in shape, allows the car to go up and down. The arms rise and fall, practically absorbing the road, to make the wheels travel smoothly. It is the control arm that takes the weight, which it then compresses, when you hit a bump. It, too, keeps the bottom of your tire in place.

The control arms are absolutely important parts of your car. So when you start hearing clunking noises when you go over a bump or a pothole or even when simply going around corners, or when you feel there is too much wheel movement going on, or your steering wheel starts to wobble at high speeds, then it’s time to check on those arms and have them fixed.

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